The Spoonbill Generator

Ever Onward Through Muck

Before the gullet goes to ground       [Roland ]

Behind the sheds of bike       [Beefy ]

The Third Policeman makes his round       [Apsley ]

Astride a crippled shrike       [Roland ]

And sings the old refrain:       [Beefy ]

A dog stole in the pantry       [Beckett ]

(So much for Elmer Gantry)       [Roland ]

And roundly argued with the cook       [Apsley ]

Behind th'Exchange of Stock       [Roland ]

The Third Policeman takes his book       [Beefy ]

From depths of deepest hock       [Apsley ]

And bellows, through his pain:       [Roland ]

A mink stole in the dresser       [Beefy ]

(Was worn by Marie Dressler)       [F ]

And as the cloisters start to hum       [Roland ]

Beneath the shoes of tap       [Beefy ]

A footless and arrhythmic bum       [F ]

Will steal the p'liceman's cap       [Beefy ]

While whooping like a crane:       [F ]

A systole or a murmur       [Beefy ]

(Heart-wrenching is Ms. Schermer)       [F ]

Contributors: Roland, Beefy, Apsley, Beckett, F.
Poem finished: 16th February 2005 by Beefy.