The Spoonbill Generator

Piglet In Weymouth

To catch the dreaded Heffalump       [Kansas Sam ]

Before the break of day       [Beefy ]

Required an early-morning hump       [Apsley ]

And Oil of Olay       [Kansas Sam ]

Oh, Oil of Olay, I say! Yes, Oil of Olay!       [F ]

We all set out in line astern       [Beefy ]

Upon Falooka Bay       [F ]

When it turned cold, we had to burn       [Beefy ]

The bales of new-mown hay       [Kansas Sam ]

The bales of new-mown hay, I say! Yes, bales of new-mown hay       [Beefy ]

The Heffalump, let it be said       [F ]

Despised our Southern brogue       [Roland ]

And HUAC had pegged him as a Red       [F ]

And branded him a rogue       [Beefy ]

Oh, they branded him a rogue, I say! Yes, branded him a rogue!       [F ]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, Beefy, Apsley, F, Roland.
Poem finished: 3rd February 2005 by Roland.