The Spoonbill Generator

Where Angels Spoonfeed Tiny Tots

This small sachet - take a sniff! -       [Apsley ]

It smells like old kielbasa       [F ]

And came, with me, upon a skiff       [Apsley ]

All the way from Lhasa       [F ]

I bought it in a small bazaar       [Beefy ]

And - though it sounds a bit bizarre! -       [Apsley ]

I sometimes sit and wonder if       [Beefy ]

I once beheld a lover's tiff       [Apsley ]

Not close, but from afar       [F ]

This large package - take a look! -       [Beefy ]

It's frightfully intrusive       [Evan ]

And listed in the Guinness Book       [Helen Owly ]

(It sure is all-inclusive!)       [Evan ]

Ah, what the heck--let's peek inside       [F ]

We'll cast propriety aside       [Beefy ]

And then, my dear, my hook or crook       [F ]

We'll give loud thanks that we forsook       [Beefy ]

Willpower. Are we snide?       [F ]

Contributors: Apsley, F, Beefy, Evan, Helen Owly.
Poem finished: 28th January 2005 by Beefy.