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The Hegemony Which Everybody Scorns

One before the turning       [Roland ]

Came to have its time       [Apsley ]

Came to watch the burning       [Beefy ]

Pristine, in its prime       [Roland ]

Velvet night descended       [Beefy ]

Over tower and dale       [Apsley ]

Yet still the 'marm contended       [asdf ]

That dark should outrank pale       [Beefy ]

That night should have its due       [Apsley ]

Two before the dawning       [Beefy ]

Bobbing in the tide       [Roland ]

Underneath the awning       [Beefy ]

On the farther side       [Roland ]

Skyline getting brighter       [Beefy ]

The watchmen have retired       [will_h ]

Yet the street-lamp lighter       [asdf ]

This afternoon was fired       [F ]

And darkness fell anew       [Beefy ]

Three, before forewarning       [will_h ]

Afterwards delayed       [F ]

Slept right through the morning       [Beefy ]

And were much dismayed       [F ]

Noontide brought no pleasure       [will_h ]

Despite X-rated dreams       [F ]

Longing without measure,       [will_h ]

Hell without the screams       [Beefy ]

A sock without a shoe       [F ]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley, Beefy, asdf, will_h, F.
Poem finished: 18th January 2005 by Beefy.