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Home Schooling And No Bidets

Twice in one day! A rare delight       [TG ]

Yet were it thrice, I think I might       [F ]

Accusèd be of wasting time       [Beefy ]

By mimicking a well-known mime       [F ]

Ensnared within an unseen box       [Beefy ]

Who, lacking Seuss'es "Fox in Sox",       [Kansas Sam ]

May come across as simply dumb       [Beefy ]

Adhering to a rule of thumb       [F ]

That fools see things denied the wise       [Beefy ]

Yet cages oft from daydreams rise       [Kansas Sam ]

And sometimes really nifty stuff       [F ]

Can come to him who cries "Enough!"       [Beefy ]

Yet were I skipping down the lane       [F ]

Instead of probing walls un-plain       [Kansas Sam ]

I might have solved the mystery of       [F ]

The Emperor's transparent glove       [Beefy ]

Which, held aloft for all to see,       [Kansas Sam ]

Was greeted by the crowd with glee       [Beefy ]

While skeptics, monocled, would sneer       [F ]

At visions wrought by gin, by beer       [Kansas Sam ]

Contributors: TG, F, Beefy, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 18th January 2005 by F.