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Grey From Top To Towpath

Upon the next-to-shortest day       [Beefy ]

I threw my wooden leg away       [Roland ]

Upon the turning of the year       [Beefy ]

I kissed goodbye one plastic ear       [Roland ]

And, turning to my wife, I said:       [Beefy ]

Next stop, the head ...       [Roland ]

This seemed to vex her quite a bit       [Beefy ]

Although, instead of stopping it       [Roland ]

She merely heaved a mournful sigh       [Beefy ]

She prised away my oaken thigh       [Roland ]

And muttered, staring at her toes:       [Beefy ]

Why stop at those ...       [Roland ]

Contributors: Beefy, Roland.
Poem finished: 17th January 2005 by Beefy.