The Spoonbill Generator

I Surface Behind The Lamps

A pelvis drowned in custard       [Roland ]

Or addled in blancmange       [Apsley ]

Impedes the would-be sprinter       [Roland ]

And irritates the crowd       [Apsley ]

Who've paid, in time of trouble       [Roland ]

To see their heroes drown       [Beefy ]

In double... breasted gown       [jm ]

In case of indigestion       [Beefy ]

Before the end of May       [Roland ]

Be sure to saunter clockwise       [Beefy ]

In perfect two-step time       [jm ]

And serenade a starling       [Beefy ]

Who needs a broken wing       [jm ]

For Sir Paul's old rhyme       [Apsley ]

The Emperor's new raiment       [Beefy ]

Seems invisible to twits.       [will_h ]

The Queen's bespangled G-string       [F ]

Was washed one time too far       [Apsley ]

How careless of the valet       [Beefy ]

To wear it on his head       [F ]

In the chalet... at Club Med       [jm ]

The opposite of doleful       [TG ]

Is having half-a-line       [Apsley ]

Removed before one's ready       [Beefy ]

In the cruel springtime       [Apsley ]

Dogged by misadventure       [Beefy ]

And mayhem 'twixt the sheets       [Apsley ]

A quencher... in the teats       [jm ]

My tendency to witter       [Apsley ]

Seems likely to remain       [Beefy ]

Until the first of April       [Apsley ]

Has passed without a hitch       [Beefy ]

Into past's vast storehouse       [Apsley ]

And all the land turns green       [Beefy ]

Then your cows... scoff it clean       [jm ]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley, Beefy, jm, will_h, F, TG.
Poem finished: 6th January 2005 by Beefy.