The Spoonbill Generator

Houndstooth Canal

It seemed as though I'd never been away       [TG ]

Nor left my shadow lying underground       [Roland ]

Of course, I always knew just what you'd say       [Beefy ]

Though no-one could have hazarded what sound       [Roland ]

Exactly would have pierced the leaden skies       [Beefy ]

Nor wrapped organic vision in surmise       [Roland ]

On setting forth, I'd packed my trusty steel       [Beefy ]

But pared my lodestone flat       [Roland ]

Of course, I always knew just how 'twould feel       [Beefy ]

In an iron sulphite hat       [Roland ]

No wonder then, that pending my return       [TG ]

The village folk set all my wares a-burn.       [Roland ]

I travelled far, but knew not what I'd find       [Beefy ]

Beyond the pale horizon, in the snows       [Roland ]

Nor what I'd wish I hadn't left behind       [Beefy ]

(My petticoats of zinc and furbelows)       [Roland ]

But always would I cling to this one thought:       [Beefy ]

There's not the faintest chance of being caught       [Roland ]

Contributors: TG, Roland, Beefy.
Poem finished: 4th January 2005 by Beefy.