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Facile Farewell

Taking umbrage, in the Nile,       [Apsley ]

Tintoretto havered       [Roland ]

But very seldom slavered       [F ]

In his go-getter guile       [Roland ]

Meanwhile, ...       [Beefy ]

A younger sister, yclept Kate,       [Apsley ]

Hid behind a curtain       [Beefy ]

Although she wasn't certain       [F ]

Of being home late       [Apsley ]

We wait ...       [Roland ]

Peering from atop a cloud       [Beefy ]

Yahweh spied a sinner       [F ]

Stealing a poor man's dinner       [Beefy ]

In a leper's shroud       [Roland ]

We wowed...       [F ]

In a city, on a hill,       [Beefy ]

Phillip Marlowe wondered       [Evan ]

Why bad guys always blundered       [Beefy ]

Why they have no skill       [Evan ]

Untill...       [Anon. ]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, F, Beefy, Evan, Anon..
Poem finished: 17th December 2004 by Apsley.