The Spoonbill Generator

Doubly Formal Zebras

To hoist a somewhat smaller flag       [Roland ]

I'd need a shorter mast       [Kansas Sam ]

I want a banner, not a rag       [F ]

A pennant, not a paper bag       [Roland ]

But not one that would start to sag       [Beefy ]

And corners proudly on the wag       [jm ]

Would make my heart beat fast       [Beefy ]

To pen a somewhat shorter ode       [F ]

I'd need a duller brain       [Roland ]

I want it longer and in code       [F ]

A paeon, not a palinode       [Roland ]

To help me take the higher road       [Beefy ]

The critics' laurels as my goad       [F ]

To make me wince in pain       [Roland ]

To cross a somewhat narrow stream       [Beefy ]

I'd need a thinner boat       [jm ]

I want it 'row,' not 'steam' or 'dream'       [F ]

To catch a pike, not perch or bream       [Beefy ]

To serve with dill and sour cream       [will_h ]

To all the members of the team       [Beefy ]

Would really grab my goat       [jm ]

Envoi        [(trad) ]

To wrestle with the setting sun       [Roland ]

Is pointless but a lot of fun       [F ]

Contributors: Roland, Kansas Sam, F, Beefy, jm, will_h, (trad).
Poem finished: 16th December 2004 by Beefy.