The Spoonbill Generator

The Mean Spirit Inside My Frog

Toasting bread is rarely easy       [jm ]

Tpasting brides is seldom hard       [Roland ]

Passing wind is often breezy       [jm ]

Parsing words is mostly marred       [Evan ]

Cutting wit is sometimes clever       [Beefy ]

Cleaving wives is sometimes not       [F ]

Being dead is gone forever       [jm ]

Baking bread can make you hot       [Beefy ]

So, next time someone tries to tell       [jm ]

Your fortune with a marlinspike       [loaf ]

First look bemused, then run like hell       [F ]

In some shoes you really like       [Roland ]

Ringing bells are often phony       [jm ]

Tingly toes, 'nnoyingly numb       [Evan ]

Paralyzed, a frozen tounge       [Gail ]

Of pony makes the Muses hum       [Beefy ]

A furtive glance is very rare       [Evan ]

A festive glass is not unknown       [Beefy ]

To core an apple or a pear       [F ]

Decorum bids you mute your phone       [Beefy ]

Envoi       [Roland ]

When all those around seem kind       [Beefy ]

You can bet that you're losing your mind       [F ]

Contributors: jm, Roland, Evan, Beefy, F, loaf, Gail.
Poem finished: 10th December 2004 by Anon..