The Spoonbill Generator

Please Let Us Pronounce Each Syllable Better

One for the money, two for joy       [Beefy ]

Rings from the old town clock       [Roland ]

Since Hubert disembowelled the works       [Apsley ]

To break his writer's block       [Roland ]

And thus the burghers do enjoy       [Apsley ]

A foaming stein of bock       [F ]

Which their archbishop mighty irks       [Apsley ]

As tick turns into tock       [Beefy ]

Against all drinking is his face       [Apsley ]

Beyond the greaseproof fence       [Roland ]

Since first he saw his uncle fall       [Beefy ]

And heaved the carcass thence       [Roland ]

He hastened from that cursèd place       [Beefy ]

For he had common sense       [F ]

Enough to breach the party wall       [Roland ]

As pounds turn into pence       [Beefy ]

One for the honey, two for us       [F ]

Three for the wheels on the ruined 'bus.       [Roland ]

Prince-bishops used to ride in it       [Apsley ]

It shone with gems and gilt       [Beefy ]

From times before the honey failed       [Roland ]

And newer hives were built       [Beefy ]

Yet substances supplied in it       [Roland ]

Upon a satin quilt       [Beefy ]

Outshone their setting; they regaled       [Roland ]

Each wearer of the kilt       [Beefy ]

Contributors: Beefy, Roland, Apsley, F.
Poem finished: 9th December 2004 by Roland.