The Spoonbill Generator

Parts That Require Frequent Calibration

A man once played my didgeridoo       [jm ]

While I set out to murder you       [Roland ]

With my thick-soled bowling shoe       [F ]

Little wonder, the magistrate said       [Roland ]

That you should twist and turn in bed       [F ]

And so murdered him instead       [Roland ]

"We'll dig a grave in Timbuktu"       [jm ]

And shoveling did, indeed, ensue       [Evan ]

As shoveling is wont to do       [Beefy ]

A man once played my thingamajig       [F ]

While I plucked at his ripened fig       [jm ]

They came and threw us in the brig       [Beefy ]

I'm jailed-up now in Kalamazoo       [Evan ]

For drinking too much kickapoo       [F ]

12 Steps I've promised to imbue       [jorb ]

"Oh, irony! Thy name is bars"       [jm ]

I will detox rubbing elbows with the stars       [Gail ]

(At Betty Ford's, can I still smoke cigars?)       [will_h ]

I'll make my way to Wallamaloo       [Beefy ]

And hide out in the petting zoo       [Evan ]

Until my nose and ears turn blue       [Beefy ]

Contributors: jm, Roland, F, Evan, Beefy, jorb, Gail, will_h.
Poem finished: 8th December 2004 by jm.