The Spoonbill Generator

Things Are Annoying Everywhere

Just take a breath - we'll sort this out       [Helen Owly ]

Or my name's not Mad John       [Beefy ]

There really is no need to pout       [F ]

Nor shake your pretty locks about       [Beefy ]

Nor leave your trousers on       [Roland ]

Just have a drink - I'll get you three       [jm ]

Or my name's not Mad Jack       [Beefy ]

There's no rophy up my sleeve, hee       [jm ]

You doubt? Then ask the Papal See       [F ]

To give your trousers back       [Beefy ]

Just make a fork - you'll have the tines       [jm ]

Or my name's not Mad Mike       [Beefy ]

There's only one who reads the signs       [Roland ]

For we, the ones who pay the fines       [jm ]

And give our trews a hike       [Beefy ]

Faggotts and Peas       [Nigel Sly ]

oh what's happened here ?       [simbosa ]

A breakdown, I fear       [Roland ]

How 'bout a cheer?       [jm ]

Or let's go for a beer       [Beefy ]

Just wake them all - John, Jack, and Mike       [jm ]

Then run them over on your trike       [Roland ]

Contributors: Helen Owly, Beefy, F, Roland, jm, Nigel Sly, simbosa.
Poem finished: 29th November 2004 by jm.