The Spoonbill Generator

Predicated Upon Juvenile Ignorance

The bishop, in his water-wig       [Roland ]

Went swimming with old Porky Pig       [F ]

Exposed to public view       [Roland ]

He knew not what to do       [F ]

But thrilled all the attendant throng       [Beefy ]

With lines from this unnerving song:       [Roland ]

Oh, riddle me once and twiddle me twice       [Beefy ]

Three times four and a mutton slice       [Roland ]

Beethoven's fifth, and a mixth of ice       [jm ]

In congress with an Edelweiss       [Roland ]

Will not deter the priest       [Beefy ]

Who calls to the deceased:       [Roland ]

"Arise, my son, discard your pain       [Beefy ]

By chanting this perverse refrain:       [Roland ]

Oh, diddle me once and fiddle me twice       [F ]

Five past four and we're gone in a trice       [Roland ]

The end, alas, came all too soon       [Beefy ]

The music critics scorned our tune       [F ]

And dubbed us all tone-deaf       [Roland ]

A big fat treble Clef       [Nigel Sly ]

Was all the gods had left there for us       [Beefy ]

a pint of stout and a bit of a fuss       [simbosa ]

Oh, griddle me once and middle me twice       [Beefy ]

Three and four is a dice       [jm ]

Contributors: Roland, F, Beefy, jm, Nigel Sly, simbosa.
Poem finished: 29th November 2004 by Roland.