The Spoonbill Generator

Hypothesis Epsilon

Come, let us dance, just you and I       [Beefy ]

Let's do the Tango, let's       [Helen Owly ]

Let fly       [Beefy ]

Let's do the dozy dosy doe       [simbosa ]

Swing your partner to and fro       [F ]

Up in the air, then back to ground       [Beefy ]

While awkwardly you upward bound       [F ]

Come, let us sit, just you and I       [Beefy ]

Let's catch our breath, I'm tired       [Domino ]

Let's lie       [Beefy ]

Let's do the humpy bumpy oh       [F ]

Open up and in we go       [Roland ]

Up to the heights and then a smoke       [Beefy ]

A glass of red matured in oak       [Cimmerian Knight ]

Come, let us talk, just you and I       [Beefy ]

Let's have a think and wink an eye       [simbosa ]

Let's air our views, our inmost thoughts       [Beefy ]

Let's share and care       [Anon. ]

But stop at naught       [Beefy ]

Liver and Onions       [Nigel Sly ]

Beans and peas       [Beefy ]

Lets end this pome before we sneeze       [simbosa ]

Contributors: Beefy, Helen Owly, simbosa, F, Domino, Roland, Cimmerian Knight, Anon., Nigel Sly.
Poem finished: 29th November 2004 by Roland.