The Spoonbill Generator

Visions Of Shouting Greengrocers

Last night I had the strangest dream       [F ]

The strangest dream had I       [Beefy ]

I was adrift upon a stream       [F ]

Of radon gone awry       [Kansas Sam ]

When suddenly, I had to scream       [F ]

At least, I had to try       [Beefy ]

Alas, an errant laser beam       [Kansas Sam ]

Had drained my throat quite dry       [Beefy ]

Last week I saw the weirdest sight       [F ]

The weirdest sight saw I       [Karin ]

A carthorse, dangling from a kite       [Beefy ]

Was floating 'cross the sky       [Karin ]

I followed it all through the night       [Beefy ]

Then lured it down with pie       [Karin ]

And then it took a massive bite       [F ]

Out of my one good eye       [Karin ]

Last month I heard the oddest sound       [F ]

The oddest sound heard I       [Karin ]

The howling of a mad hellhound       [F ]

My pants did not stay dry       [Karin ]

I threw myself upon the ground       [F ]

And took a swig of rye       [Karin ]

And then some gin I quickly downed       [F ]

To drown that hellish cry.       [willh ]

Contributors: F, Beefy, Kansas Sam, Karin, willh.
Poem finished: 29th November 2004 by F.