The Spoonbill Generator

Generally Too Much Opulence

How lithely do these lilliputians leap       [F ]

While certain drooling giants slumber on       [Roland ]

After counting brobdingnagian sheep       [F ]

And no-one knows the trials I've undergone       [Beefy ]

How limply do these lollygaggers lurch       [F ]

While filibusters fill our hearts with dread       [Beefy ]

Before wanton synchronicities perch       [jm ]

And no-one can be famous till they're dead       [Beefy ]

How lamely do these lullabyers lull       [jm ]

While insomniacs lie awake all night       [F ]

During those hours when life seems drab and dull       [Beefy ]

And no-one has the sun to aid their sight       [jm ]

Contributors: F, Roland, Beefy, jm.
Poem finished: 23rd November 2004 by Roland.