The Spoonbill Generator

Rediscovered Unchanged

Choice apples, red or lilac, I now eat       [(trad) ]

(A napkin - will you pass?)       [Helen Owly ]

While I soak my tired callused feet       [F ]

And bind imagined damage in new grass       [Beefy ]

Choice melons, green or ecru, I now thump       [F ]

(Under new auspice will a rag emerge?)        [Beefy ]

And while we thrash your unrepentant rump       [Roland ]

You'll wish that you were wearing heavy serge       [F ]

Choice okra, round bright Iimes I may eat yet       [Beefy ]

(Unless she ever lets eyes slither shut)       [Roland ]

So, take red earthen worms to Henriette       [Beefy ]

Although we all know she's a vegan slut       [F ]

Choice artichokes ... no, cancel every line       [Roland ]

(And make each new day entertain distraction)       [Beefy ]

And chop them coarse--no, grate them very fine       [F ]

For increasing new inner satisfaction       [Beefy ]

Contributors: (trad), Helen Owly, F, Beefy, Roland.
Poem finished: 18th November 2004 by Roland.