The Spoonbill Generator

The Approach Of Suicidal Robots

The telecon went on and on       [Kansas Sam ]

Despite the wasted time       [Roland ]

But blather, hither, thither (yawn)       [Helen Owly ]

Till, at the end of my tether,       [Beefy ]

I couldn't tell whether       [F ]

A jury would think it a crime       [Beefy ]

My reasoning was simply gone       [F ]

The telecon went on and on       [(trad) ]

Despite the pleas of all       [F ]

Through noon, sunset, midnight, and dawn       [ambyr ]

Till, with no ending in sight,,       [Beefy ]

And aware of my plight       [F ]

I pulled out my trusty ol' maul       [Helen Owly ]

(A souvenir purchased in Bonn)       [F ]

The telecon went onandonandonandonandonandon       [Beefy ]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, Roland, Helen Owly, Beefy, F, (trad), ambyr.
Poem finished: 17th November 2004 by Helen Owly.