The Spoonbill Generator

The Newest Helmet

You can't complain       [Roland ]

When others rant       [Apsley ]

The bee, the ant       [Roland ]

The cormorant       [Beefy ]

They squat in sullen silence in the rain       [Roland ]

You can't lament       [F ]

When others sigh       [Beefy ]

The card, the die       [asdf ]

The lucky guy       [F ]

Whose options hinge on mutual consent       [Roland ]

You cannot wail       [Beefy ]

When others laugh       [Roland ]

The whole, the half       [Beefy ]

The epitaph       [Roland ]

Inscribed painstakingly with blunted nail       [F ]

Envoi       [(trad) ]

Bitching, grousing, and kvetching       [F ]

Small wonder the moon is retching       [Roland ]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley, Beefy, F, asdf, (trad).
Poem finished: 16th November 2004 by F.