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Dunciad Of Love-sick Hands

To fetishise her silhouette       [Roland ]

Is something I won't do just yet       [Apsley ]

I'll give it time to grow on me       [Roland ]

But first I'll sample some French brie       [F ]

And then, when but the rind remains       [ambyr ]

I'll trade it for some working brains       [Roland ]

I'll ponder on life's ups and downs       [Beefy ]

The Kings and Queens, the clones and clowns       [Roland ]

"Forget, just once, your window shade!"       [Evan ]

She said to me, the heartless jade       [Beefy ]

I see her dressed, but not in clothes:       [Apsley ]

In shreds of bacon, which she loathes       [Roland ]

And sprigged with parsley--what a pig!       [F ]

Perhaps she'll dance, for me, a jig...       [Apsley ]

Perhaps her cavities portend       [Roland ]

That my enchantment's at an end...       [Apsley ]

No longer do I yearn for her       [Evan ]

Or from her looks my love infer       [Apsley ]

       [Roland ]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley, F, ambyr, Beefy, Evan.
Poem finished: 17th October 2004 by Apsley.