The Spoonbill Generator

The Jurisprudence Of Aquatic Creatures

the egret watched the passing ship       [Anon. ]

while waiting for a train       [Kansas Sam ]

He knew he'd let his chances slip       [Beefy ]

of hobo-ing to Spain       [Kansas Sam ]

Said walrus to the Egret then,       [Evan ]

"I fear we're on our own"       [Karin ]

"Let's wait here for the 7:10"       [Evan ]

By then the bird had flown       [Roland ]

The jilted walrus grabbed a cab       [Kansas Sam ]

And headed roughly north       [Evan ]

Until he reached a town most drab       [Karin ]

(I think it was Fort Worth)       [Evan ]

He met a cowpoke, name of Jake       [F ]

Who gave him beer and bread       [N ]

But what he craved was a thick steak       [F ]

Driven thru' his head       [loaf ]

And though he could not spell his thoughts       [F ]

Nor any preposition       [Roland ]

He had to take it through the courts       [Grayman ]

With subtle petition       [Beefy ]

The judge he drew was Hangin' Hank       [Evan ]

A craggy, fearsome critter       [F ]

When noose would fail he'd use his shank       [Kansas Sam ]

A punishment most bitter!       [F ]

He sent him down for eighteen years       [Beefy ]

Hard labour in the mines       [fester ]

'Til walrus shed this veil of tears       [Evan ]

And now the world repines       [Beefy ]

So egret takes the six-O-five       [Evan ]

Out to the western coast       [Beefy ]

And there - with Owl - he does contrive       [Evan ]

Wal's memory to toast       [Beefy ]

He starts a chain store named for Wal'       [Evan ]

To keep Wal' near his heart       [Karin ]

You'll find that Mart near every mall       [F ]

Proudly named "Winn-Dixie"!       [Grayman ]

Contributors: Anon., Kansas Sam, Beefy, Evan, Karin, Roland, F, N, loaf, Grayman, fester.
Poem finished: 14th October 2004 by Beefy.