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Criterion For Studiousness In Death

It was a very shambles       [Roland ]

It was a sorry mess       [Beefy ]

She lay there in the brambles       [Roland ]

Without a stitch of dress       [Apsley ]

I got a bit excited       [Roland ]

And shot my heavy load       [Apsley ]

Which pretty soon alighted       [Roland ]

On a sturdy toad       [Apsley ]

Fairy-tales of kisses       [Roland ]

Lead young men astray       [Beefy ]

Into dark abysses       [Roland ]

In search of tender prey       [Beefy ]

Frogs that cognoscenti       [Roland ]

Would not rightly greet       [Apsley ]

Swell the horn of plenty       [Roland ]

Wherever royals meet       [Beefy ]

And thus the toad, mutating       [Roland ]

In our very sight,       [Apsley ]

Became a Maid-in-Waiting       [Roland ]

Who knew not wrong from right       [asdf ]

And thus, proposing marriage       [Roland ]

To the nearest tree,       [Apsley ]

It hailed a pumpkin carriage       [Roland ]

And found its destiny       [Apsley ]

Oh so princely! Oh so proud!       [Roland ]

(So dear Gabriel sang)       [Apsley ]

It seems my panting was quite loud       [Roland ]

For all the bells then rang       [Apsley ]

And mandrakes burgeoned round my feet       [Roland ]

Into the darkest night       [Apsley ]

And fertilised that Maid so sweet       [Roland ]

To share in our troth plight       [Apsley ]

And thus the species interfuse       [Roland ]

As tortoise with the hare       [Apsley ]

And those who kiss a toad must choose       [Roland ]

To love and have no care       [Apsley ]

And those who shoot their heavy loads       [Roland ]

With all their might and main       [Apsley ]

Must suffer strange and rambling odes       [Roland ]

And then be born again       [Apsley ]

Envoi       [Roland ]

A happy heart goes all the way       [WS qua Autolycus ]

Or so the normal people say       [Roland ]

Contributors: Roland, Beefy, Apsley, asdf, WS qua Autolycus.
Poem finished: 28th September 2004 by Apsley.