The Spoonbill Generator

Society Umbrellas

Your frothy latte burns my tongue       [F ]

I really ought to sue you       [N ]

What black magic have your wreaked, what paganistic voodoo?       [F ]

You really should be taken out and hung       [(trad-ish) ]

Your laser-glance has pierced my soul       [F ]

You really ought to know me       [Karin ]

You're one astute Svengali; how I dread your ESP       [F ]

You really should be reamed another hole       [Kansas Sam ]

Your smiling lies abrade my trust       [F ]

I really ought to deck you       [Kansas Sam ]

That or bop you on the head with a mammoth cleated shoe       [F ]

You really should be pounded into dust       [Karin ]

Contributors: F, N, (trad-ish), Karin, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 23rd September 2004 by F.