The Spoonbill Generator

Nature And Delight Worn Out

We are the Corporation       [Richard Thompson ]

I spent the morning outside listening to the sounds of nature.       [Damaris Segarra ]

the natural factory plasticy pounding       [Allen Ouimet ]

While I was the pouring, coffee, ready.       [Lisa Lucarelle ]

We are the Government       [Beefy ]

Lean and efficient in our leathery outfits       [Roland ]

Listening, caring, embracing, ignoring       [Beefy ]

Everything that keeps the nation steady       [Roland ]

We are the loyal opposition       [F ]

We oppose even the things we should support       [Beefy ]

Wheezing, gabbling, embracing, ignoring       [Roland ]

The world around as we search for Teddy       [Beefy ]

Envoi       [Roland ]

We drag the souls       [F ]

Across the hottest coals       [Roland ]

Contributors: Richard Thompson, Damaris Segarra, Allen Ouimet, Lisa Lucarelle, Beefy, Roland, F.
Poem finished: 21st September 2004 by F.