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Lamentations Upon The Morrow

I stare into myself, hoping for redress       [Tara Lynch ]

For any kind of sign I'd understand       [Beefy ]

I don't bothering guessing how I got in such a mess       [Roland ]

How could I be so stupid to create such stress       [Shannon Barth ]

How could you betray me?       [Ann Conlon ]

This drama has caused much stress       [Don Auger ]

And repetition too, I must confess       [Roland ]

But then again I must digress.       [Damaris ]

My own thoughts betray me       [Allen Ouimet ]

So the nightmare softly unfolds       [Roland ]

Time spent, repetition, drama, collape, nightmares,sweat & tears, loneliness.       [Lisa Lucarelle ]

The whole world betrays me       [Beefy ]

With its obliviousness       [Roland ]

Life betrays me       [Beefy ]

Contributors: Tara Lynch, Beefy, Roland, Shannon Barth, Ann Conlon, Don Auger, Damaris, Allen Ouimet, Lisa Lucarelle.
Poem finished: 16th September 2004 by Roland.