The Spoonbill Generator

Stuff Your Turkey And Grab A Second Chance For Redemption

I see you bought a pair of saddle shoes       [F ]

From one who lacked authority to sell       [Roland ]

I hate to be the bearer of bad news       [Beefy ]

At least I'll pay a visit to your cell       [Roland ]

I see you bought a mobile power-plant       [Beefy ]

That cannot be deployed on land or sea       [Roland ]

And then you bought a hill that doesn't slant       [F ]

At least we'll mark your tombstone RIP       [Roland ]

I see you bought a sequined pocketbook       [F ]

No doubt you're unaware such goods are banned       [Roland ]

I hesitate to say you are a crook       [Beefy ]

At least we'll clap the day you take the stand       [Roland ]

I see you bought a ticket to Tibet       [Beefy ]

The airline, long defunct, has gulled you quite       [Roland ]

And then you paid a man you'd never met       [Beefy ]

At least you didn't give him *all* your money -- right?       [N ]

Contributors: F, Roland, Beefy, N.
Poem finished: 16th September 2004 by Beefy.