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It Never Raineth On The Holy Fool

Back at the beginning       [Roland ]

Before the devastation       [N ]

The serpent made oration:       [Roland ]

Taste this fruit, my lovely       [F ]

Never mind instructions       [Roland ]

You'll weather the deductions       [F ]

Eve's reply was winning:       [Roland ]

'What harm is there in trying?'       [F ]

She set the whole world crying       [Beefy ]

Now, we name her gruffly       [Roland ]

Apportioning the blame       [Beefy ]

That soils the female name       [Roland ]

But who was truly sinning?       [Beefy ]

The tempter or the taker       [Roland ]

Perhaps it was our Maker       [N ]

Contributors: Roland, N, F, Beefy.
Poem finished: 1st September 2004 by Roland.