The Spoonbill Generator

Addicts Of Various Dispositions

Wallowing hogs and leaping frogs       [F ]

Oink! Croak! Oink! Croak!       [N ]

Bellowing brats and yowling cats       [F ]

Nyah nya-nya Nyah! Meow!       [N ]

Yammering monks and cursing punks       [F ]

Ommm! Oy! Ommm! Oy!       [N ]

Chattering crows and a running nose       [Beefy ]

Caw! Honk! Caw! Honk!       [Will_H ]

Flickering lights and blackboard chalk       [N ]

Click! Squeak! Click! Squeak!       [F ]

Murderous fights and nasty talk       [N ]

Ouch! Ooh! Ouch! Ooh!       [F ]

Earplugs, anyone?       [N ]

Contributors: F, N, Beefy, Will_H.
Poem finished: 30th August 2004 by F.