The Spoonbill Generator

Travelers That Float

A flibbertigibbet you are, aha!       [N ]

A whippersnapper even!       [F ]

A garrulous guttersnipe, bothersome brat       [N ]

A bitchy baggage, a pocked hellcat       [F ]

An ugly one, at that       [N ]

A rank poseur you are, aha!       [F ]

A self-important prig!       [N ]

A footlicking philistine, bellicose bum       [F ]

A slimy amoeba, a puddle of scum       [N ]

A most disloyal chum       [F ]

A pitiful pimple you are, aha!       [N ]

A lollygagging lumpen!       [F ]

A risable wretch, and a spiritless swine       [N ]

A muckmouthed dolt, a gross liber-tine       [F ]

A boorish philistine       [N ]

Contributors: N, F.
Poem finished: 30th August 2004 by F.