The Spoonbill Generator

Queen Of The Feathers

Her innocence unquestioned, her purity renowned       [N ]

She sashayed down the avenue, her mind not very sound       [F ]

Nimble as an antelope, and wary as a fox       [N ]

She infected all the solons with what once was called 'French pox'       [F ]

Her innocence unquestioned, her virtue unassailed       [Beefy ]

She staggered down the boulevard and this is what she wailed:       [F ]

'I have not knickers, bra, nor hat - I've nothing left to hide'       [N ]

She stormed up to the Senate-house but would not go inside       [Beefy ]

Her innocence unquestioned, her countenance sublime       [N ]

She waltzed along the promenade in triple-fourteen time       [Beefy ]

Cinematic were her dreams, her fantasies quite lush       [F ]

She blazed like Valentino in her liner and her blush       [Kansas Sam ]

Her innocence unquestioned, her attitude blasé       [F ]

She pirouetted picturesquely, off toward Marseille       [N ]

The Vichy and Resistance could only gape in awe       [F ]

At her final coup de grace: drinking cognac through a straw       [N ]

Contributors: N, F, Beefy, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 27th August 2004 by F.