The Spoonbill Generator

The Least Suspicious Concertina

A drooping, stealthful melody       [N ]

Encroached the dying light       [Roland ]

As if a molten saxophone       [Beefy ]

Were pouring, from a height       [Roland ]

The semi-quavers hovered       [N ]

The breves, in sultry sway       [Roland ]

Meandered through the evening       [N ]

Impetuous display       [Roland ]

A raging, turgid rhythm       [N ]

Assailed the wanton ear       [Roland ]

As if a wilting harpsichord       [N ]

Were playing somewhere near       [Beefy ]

The counterpoint, prolific       [Roland ]

With coloured woven threads       [N ]

Usurped our placid reason       [Roland ]

And echoed through our heads       [Beefy ]

Yet hark!       [Roland ]

In the dark       [Beefy ]

Where silence dwells       [N ]

Can it be Bach?       [Roland ]

Mein Odem ist schwach?       [N ]

Wagnerian heils       [F ]

A ghostly, wrinkled coda       [N ]

Composed while in a trance       [F ]

As if a steaming timpani       [N ]

Enflamed the dead to dance       [F ]

As if, in Diss so silent       [Roland ]

In dulcet morbid tones       [F ]

The Muses, or their skeletons,       [Roland ]

Were rattling their bones       [F ]

Contributors: N, Roland, Beefy, F.
Poem finished: 27th August 2004 by Roland.