The Spoonbill Generator

Sugary Benisons During Walpurgisnacht

In conclusion, blessed child,       [Apsley ]

Roving on the froth       [Roland ]

Without a proper hat       [N ]

How shall your line go flat?       [Roland ]

To summarise, dear friend       [N ]

Through the billows' wrath       [Roland ]

Without a proper coat       [Beefy ]

How shall you stay afloat?       [Roland ]

Consider then, my beau       [N ]

Whilst you sniff a rose       [F ]

Without a proper glove       [N ]

You cannot pet your love       [F ]

Remember, mon ami,       [N ]

Dining with the Pope       [F ]

Without a proper spoon       [N ]

Will make the pontiff swoon       [F ]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, N, Beefy, F.
Poem finished: 25th August 2004 by N.