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Nuptial Mishaps With Long Knives

A young anthropologist cried       [Beefy ]

"I seem to have misplaced my bride!"       [Karin ]

"Her name is Zyen"       [F ]

And as she lay dyin'       [Roland ]

He set out with the help of a guide       [Baoloa ]

The fool had a trick up his sleeve       [Beefy ]

To cause all his kinsfolk to grieve       [Roland ]

The fruit of the palm       [Beefy ]

Lacked evident charm       [Roland ]

And it smelt like you wouldn't believe       [Beefy ]

And so, when disaster ensued       [Roland ]

They all stood around in the nude       [Beefy ]

To watch Zyen's heirs       [Roland ]

Drawing circles and squares       [Beefy ]

In puddles of discarded food       [Roland ]

Contributors: Beefy, Karin, F, Roland, Baoloa.
Poem finished: 23rd August 2004 by Baoloa.