The Spoonbill Generator

Evidence From Pablum Mechanics

It isn't right, it isn't wrong       [Roland ]

It's somewhere in between       [Beefy ]

A useful word should now be coined       [Roland ]

That's halfway what we mean       [Kansas Sam ]

Its spelling should be quite obscure       [Roland ]

To thwart its timid foes       [Kansas Sam ]

And those who use it ought to know       [Beefy ]

What no extremist knows:       [Kansas Sam ]

Our postures, as election looms       [Roland ]

Grow ever more inert       [Beefy ]

Though history will have to judge       [Roland ]

If Ernie bested Bert       [Kansas Sam ]

If Hattie busted Arthur       [Roland ]

There'd be no tale to tell       [Beefy ]

And, if the truth were honest,       [Roland ]

There'd be no need for Hell       [Beefy ]

Envoi       [Roland ]

If Left is wrong and wrong ain't Right       [Kansas Sam ]

There's no point going home tonight       [Beefy ]

Contributors: Roland, Beefy, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 18th August 2004 by Kansas Sam.