The Spoonbill Generator

Crabbily Dressed For Dancing Partners

To scuttle through the shallows with my claws stretched wide       [Roland ]

To burrow in the shadow of the dunes       [Beefy ]

To browse across the coral where the plankton hide       [Roland ]

To write graffiti on the surf in runes       [Kansas Sam ]

{Chorus}:Oh, this is the life for a crab, my lads, as it was and always will be       [Beefy ]

So across the mud flats I shall polish my spats and tip you my salty trilby       [Roland ]

To taste so succulent when dipped in lemon butter       [F ]

To slide across the palate just like silk       [Beefy ]

To cause the glibbest connoisseur to stutter       [Kansas Sam ]

To feel yourself sauteed with buttermilk       [F ]

{Chorus}:Oh, this is the death of a crab, my lads, as we call for the head waiter       [Roland ]

So we find ourselves boiled and heartily savored both now and also later       [F ]

Contributors: Roland, Beefy, Kansas Sam, F.
Poem finished: 13th August 2004 by Beefy.