The Spoonbill Generator

Undercover Pastries Lost In Space

In every other window       [Amste R ]

Down every shady lane       [Beefy ]

I threw a little pebble       [Kansas Sam ]

And never cracked a pane       [Roland ]

In every other doorway       [F ]

The missing courtesans       [Roland ]

For fear of breaching curfew       [Beefy ]

Resort to darker plans       [Roland ]

In every other alley       [Beefy ]

The cats are on the prowl       [dkb ]

They know there is no danger       [TG ]

That mousies will prevail       [Jerzy ]

In every other shadow       [Grayman ]

Who knows what peril lurks?       [Beefy ]

Some evil being planning       [Grayman ]

Such crimes as Hare and Burke's       [Beefy ]

In every other dreamscape       [F ]

In every seething id       [Beefy ]

Choose f/11: beamscape       [Kansas Sam ]

Like Helmut Newton did       [Roland ]

In every other poem       [Beefy ]

When something goes awry       [Roland ]

You have to grin and bear it       [Beefy ]

(You know the reason why!)       [Roland ]

Contributors: Amste R, Beefy, Kansas Sam, Roland, F, dkb, TG, Jerzy, Grayman.
Poem finished: 10th August 2004 by F.