The Spoonbill Generator

Nightly Coal Kimono

These cosy virtuosi       [(trad) ]

These duffers of the realm       [V+R ]

Are here today to demonstrate       [Beefy ]

Whose hand is on the helm       [Apsley ]

And as the ferry leaves the port       [V+R ]

The fare-thee-wells are sweet and short       [Holly Bean ]

These arty literati       [Beefy ]

These duffers of the globe       [V+R ]

Are here today to justify       [Holly Bean ]

The medal and the robe       [RooR ]

And as the cognoscenti kneel       [Beefy ]

The how's-yer-fathers are genteel       [Amst R ]

These twenty cognoscenti       [Beefy ]

These duffers of our time       [AmsteR ]

Are here today to validate       [Holly Bean ]

The sentence for their crime       [Beefy ]

And as the jury marches in       [Holly Bean ]

The holier-than-thous begin       [Grayman ]

These hairy cavalieri       [Beefy ]

These duffers of the deep       [Roland ]

Are here today to sanctify       [Beefy ]

Each slattern in her sleep       [Roland ]

And as the silver censer swings       [Beefy ]

The told-you-sos are hurled at kings       [Grayman ]

Contributors: (trad), V+R, Beefy, Apsley, Holly Bean, RooR, Amst R, AmsteR, Grayman, Roland.
Poem finished: 4th August 2004 by Beefy.