The Spoonbill Generator

Imminent Destruction Of Everything In Port

Passion, closeness and great sex       [Apsley ]

Hearty food and sparkling wine       [Beefy ]

heaving bosoms, open legs       [fastlady ]

Beckoning us to cloud nine       [Beefy ]

An orgasmic plenty       [Apsley ]

Ah, when we were twenty       [Beefy ]

Running for the omnibus       [Apsley ]

Cramming into subway cars       [Beefy ]

Till one's neighbours start to cuss       [Apsley ]

Till one's substance longs for bars       [Holly Bean ]

Getting down and dirty       [Beefy ]

Oh, when we were thirty       [Holly Bean ]

Tiring of the daily round       [Beefy ]

Wishing for a brand-new start       [Holly Bean ]

Early dreams all gone to ground       [Beefy ]

Failures threaten every part       [Holly Bean ]

No urges to be naughty       [P ]

Eh, when we were forty       [Holly Bean ]

Giving up on our career       [Beefy ]

Edging into fresher plights       [Holly Bean ]

Leaving early, seeking beer       [Beefy ]

Spending long but shallow nights       [Holly Bean ]

Learning to be shifty       [Beefy ]

Ugh, when we were fifty       [Roland ]

Contributors: Apsley, Beefy, fastlady, Holly Bean, P, Roland.
Poem finished: 30th July 2004 by Beefy.