The Spoonbill Generator

Taller Despite Appearances

The short-cuts that Yevgeny likes       [Roland ]

Are writ in a deep-crypted code       [Beefy ]

That's known to no-one in our road       [Roland ]

Except Mrs Green at 13       [TG ]

(The house with the old rusty bikes)       [Roland ]

And she, they say, has not been seen       [Beefy ]

Since Moscow was primed to explode       [Roland ]

The short-crust pies Yevgeny bakes       [TG ]

Are seasoned with death and desire       [Roland ]

And served each weekend to the choir       [TG ]

Except Mrs Gray at 2a       [Roland ]

(Who's known for her spelling mistakes)       [TG ]

And she, they say, has bean aweigh       [Roland ]

Since Moscow so nearly caught fire       [Beefy ]

The short change that Yevgeny gives       [P ]

Would finance a moderate coup       [Roland ]

Provided we all play our part       [TG ]

(Except for Magee, in his tree)       [Roland ]

And learn how the other half lives       [TG ]

And he, they say, looks like to flee       [Roland ]

Since Moscow fell slowly apart       [Beefy ]

Envoi       [Roland ]

If you'd avoid Yevgeny's blame       [Beefy ]

It's probably best to change your name       [P ]

Contributors: Roland, Beefy, TG, P.
Poem finished: 21st July 2004 by TG.