The Spoonbill Generator

Dreams Of Soup Kitchens

A mile or so beyond       [Roland ]

The fence, the path slopes down       [Beefy ]

And skirts about the pond       [Roland ]

Lonesome reminiscence       [Grayman ]

A once-familiar town       [Roland ]

Makes the Geiger sing       [Kansas Sam ]

Of meaning and of essence       [Beefy ]

And pale sequestering       [Roland ]

A mile or so behind       [Beefy ]

The lines, the bunker squats       [Roland ]

Its purpose undermined       [Beefy ]

Loathsome repetition       [Roland ]

To appease the mob       [Apsley ]

Makes the sjambok hiss       [Roland ]

Of keening and perdition       [Beefy ]

Of night and nemesis       [Roland ]

A mile or so above       [Beefy ]

The clouds, in paradise       [Roland ]

Give forth a milk-white dove       [Beefy ]

Local reproduction       [Roland ]

Remembrance of old foes       [Beefy ]

Makes the old dog hum       [Holly Bean ]

Of leaning and of suction       [Beefy ]

While chattering, succumb       [Holly Bean ]

Contributors: Roland, Beefy, Grayman, Kansas Sam, Apsley, Holly Bean.
Poem finished: 21st July 2004 by Beefy.