The Spoonbill Generator

Tennis Balls Striking Us Forcibly

I never will get over       [Beefy ]

How I always do get under       [F ]

The spell of Sharapova       [Beefy ]

Who's quite the supernova       [F ]

It really makes me wonder       [Beefy ]

Can she make a major blunder?       [F ]

I'll never really know       [Beefy ]

And yes, that's part of the appeal       [F ]

Of shadows in the rain       [Kansas Sam (from Sum ]

As snow seeps through my brain       [Beefy ]

I think, "Hey, what's the deal?"       [F ]

It's time for my next meal       [Beefy ]

Contributors: Beefy, F, Kansas Sam (from Sum.
Poem finished: 16th July 2004 by F.