The Spoonbill Generator

Lighthouse Magic

It came upon the midnight clear       [(trad) ]

And hurtled round the town       [Beefy ]

Debunking all that we held dear       [Ethetran ]

The Clergy and the Crown       [Roland ]

Delicious rumour, rude and ripe       [Beefy ]

Soon spread from ear to ear       [Roland ]

And what the priest did with his pipe       [Beefy ]

You would not want to hear       [Roland ]

The mayor tried to track it down       [Beefy ]

With beaters and with nets       [Roland ]

But once a rumour's gained renown       [Beefy ]

It does not yield to threats       [Roland ]

The broadsides turned it into verse       [P ]

Untempered with regrets       [Roland ]

That things might go from bad to worse       [P ]

From Daltons to Debretts       [Roland ]

The BBC feigned piety       [Beefy ]

The débutantes all fawned       [Roland ]

But Black Rod's notoriety       [Beefy ]

Was speedily suborned       [Roland ]

The butler sold his sorry tail       [Beefy ]

And all of us were ears       [Roland ]

Though thinking him beyond the pale       [Beefy ]

We silenced him with jeers       [Roland ]

O little town of poison pen       [Beefy ]

O ye of little faith!       [(trad) ]

We've but ourselves to blame, but then       [Beefy ]

Our spirit's but a wraith       [Roland ]

Contributors: (trad), Beefy, Ethetran, Roland, P.
Poem finished: 7th July 2004 by Beefy.