The Spoonbill Generator

The Denouement Of Vermicelli

The blank screen gazes remorselessly back       [Beefy ]

As we sit among our sisters in a size 6 sack       [Roland ]

Waiting for the sky to turn completely black       [P ]

As the Underground Armies advance their attack       [Roland ]

The screen, you'll note, stays relentlessly blank       [Beefy ]

As we trundle through the trenches in a ten-ton tank       [Roland ]

Waiting for the tidings from the ships that sank       [Beefy ]

As the Underwater Navies start to smell a bit rank       [Roland ]

We sit and gaze for hours at the still-blank screen       [Beefy ]

As we bounce along the boundary with a black-eyed bean       [Roland ]

Waiting for the moment when the world turns green       [TG ]

And the Underrated Airforce beats our tambourine       [Roland ]

Contributors: Beefy, Roland, P, TG.
Poem finished: 2nd July 2004 by TG.