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If it's standing-room only       [Roland ]

On my dark train of thought       [Padfoot ]

Into night's gross spittoon       [Apsley ]

I'm obliged to report       [Roland ]

The guard stamps my spirit       [Padfoot ]

And his one-track mind       [Roland ]

Derailed in torment       [Padfoot ]

Is travelling blind       [Roland ]

If it's snowing in Sydney       [Beefy ]

Where sandstorms abound       [Roland ]

By the light of the moon       [Beefy ]

Let the echoes resound:       [Roland ]

If the deserts of reykjavik       [kweekweg ]

Sink 'neath the foam       [Roland ]

Can we really be blamed       [Beefy ]

If there's no place like home?       [Roland ]

If the tankard is empty       [P ]

Of ferment and froth       [Roland ]

For how long should we cut       [Beefy ]

Our obeisance to Thoth       [P ]

Our addiction to Hermes       [Roland ]

And all that he craves?       [Apsley ]

From the depths of the sea       [Roland ]

Some old wreck he saves...       [Apsley ]

Contributors: Roland, Padfoot, Apsley, Beefy, kweekweg, P.
Poem finished: 21st June 2004 by Surlaw.