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Grid Of Life Expectant

The weight of expectation is pressing on my brain       [Beefy ]

With consequent distortion to my hat       [Roland ]

How my womb has made the trek my doctors can't explain       [Kansas Sam ]

They also can't explain why I'm so fat       [Padfoot ]

So that's that       [Beefy ]

It's hard to judge the distance from the window to the wall       [Roland ]

I blame their chummy sharing of a plane       [Kansas Sam ]

There was a way of measuring but now I can't recall       [Roland ]

It's just as well I'm not entirely sane       [P ]

Once again       [Roland ]

Yet you who think that pie are squared have surely slipped a gear       [Kansas Sam ]

And bent your differential, what is more       [Roland ]

For nothing's more - when all is told - than summed up by my rear       [Apsley ]

And that is really nothing but a bore       [Roland ]

For all four       [Apsley ]

Contributors: Beefy, Roland, Kansas Sam, Padfoot, P, Apsley.
Poem finished: 20th June 2004 by Roland.