The Spoonbill Generator

In Our Wintry Organ

To prime one's seventh armpit       [Roland ]

With an unguent from the East       [P ]

Compounds one's prime infractions       [Roland ]

And fosters growth of yeast       [Karin ]

In crannies quite unwelcome       [Roland ]

To the better sort of beast       [fester ]

For this and other reasons       [P ]

Too numerous to relate       [Beefy ]

I worship Montezuma       [P ]

And choose to desecrate       [Roland ]

The graves of all his rivals       [P ]

The living as the late       [Roland ]

Although my lies are many       [P ]

And blatant to a fault       [Roland ]

I wouldn't spend a penny       [Grayman ]

Without going to the vault       [Beefy ]

For Montezuma's blessing       [P ]

Is pepper to my salt       [Roland ]

Contributors: Roland, P, Karin, fester, Beefy, Grayman.
Poem finished: 16th June 2004 by Beefy.