The Spoonbill Generator

Raindrops Keep Dripping On The Photoshoot

Atop the hill the castle stood [fester]

Its turrets all ablaze [Roland]

But how and when the fire began [Beefy]

And who or what the guilty man [loaf]

And whether 'twas for bad or good [Beefy]

'Tis this inspires our lays [loaf]

The fair maid trembled in the keep [fester]

Her ringlets all aglow [loaf]

But who had made her shiver thus [Beefy]

And load one extra blunderbuss [loaf]

And caused the maiden so to weep [Grayman]

'Tis not for us to know [Beefy]

The baron, sprawled on cobblestones [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

With hip flask in his hand [loaf]

But why he could not drink the brew [i amb]

And why he'd dashed aside the stew [Beefy]

And cursed, in ringing tones [Roland]

'Tis hard to understand [Beefy]

And, on the crane, the cam'ra crew [loaf]

Equipment all a-whir [Beefy]

But what they really hoped to gain [loaf]

And why they'd schlepped that bloody crane [Beefy]

To block our pleasant view [loaf]

'Tis cryptic -- that's for sure [Anon.]

Contributors: fester, Roland, Beefy, loaf, Grayman, Kevin Andrew Murphy, i amb, Anon..
Poem finished: 1st June 2004 by Anon..