The Spoonbill Generator

After Backward Cause

An adman amiably asserted [F]

"Boys buy bodacious baubles [Karin]

'Cause cuties cause consternation" [Beefy]

Do decades dispense disproof? [Kansas Sam]

Even egrets emulate [Beefy]

Flamingos feathered fannies [F]

Going gradually grey [Grayman]

Haunting hypnotic houses [Beefy]

Impishly ingesting insects [Karin]

Geronimo's gesticulative gestalt [Kansas Sam]

Had honkies hiccoughing [F]

Into intricate intaglio [Beefy]

Jumping Jehosophat's jumpsuit's jarring [F]

Kitsch kookily kayoed Karin [Karin]

Like loathsome limping Lilliputians [F]

Making mild mincemeat marmalade [Beefy]

Neighbors nervously natter [F]

Opposing orthodox omelettes [Beefy]

Promulgating poetic pandemonium [Grayman]

Quieting querulous Quixote [Beefy]

Rousing redolent rabble [Karin]

"So!" said soothsaying Samuel, [Grayman]

Trying to tame Terpsichore [Beefy]

"Various very vacuous vibrations!" [Grayman]

Watching, Walter wept withal [Beefy]

Xavier x-rays xylophonists [F]

Yet yahoo yachtsmen yell [Beefy]

Zounds! Zealously, zebras zigzag [F]

Contributors: F, Karin, Beefy, Kansas Sam, FGrayman, FBeefy, Grayman.
Poem finished: 27th May 2004 by Kansas Sam.